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Luftsichtsturm - Familiarising the ecosystem
Luftsichtsturm - Familiarising the ecosystem
© Johannes Wiener

Familiarising the ecosystem
– third week of the Luftsichtsturm free environmental program

Discover diverse inhabitants and learn how to care for them through hands-on activitism. Explore wild flowers and their insect companions, engage in collaborative planting, seed-sharing, and plant-based cloth dyeing.


Saturday 9.09

14:00 – 15:30 – Biodiversity walk

guided walk | family-friendly | collecting seeds | organised by Joannes Wiener
With Johannes, gardener, ecologist, artist, we revive urban enchantment and embrace neglected moths, lichens, wild flowers, and tree seedlings amidst the city’s flashy chaos. We look at the non-human life of the area, learning about the ecological potential of various plants, collecting seeds of native wildflowers and gathering leaves and flowers for a herbarium.

16:00 – 18:00 – Building herbarium

workshop | beginner-friendly | botanical archiving | organised by Joannes Wiener
With Johannes, gardener, ecologist and artist, we build a herbarium from the collected seeds of native wildflowers, gathered leaves and flowers.

18:00 – 20:00 – Planting seed-bombs

making loam-balls | collective gardening | organised by Victoria Ferreri and Joannes Wiener 
In the workshop, we will collectively form loam-balls from the seeds gathered previously. Our creations could either be taken home spread all around the Airsight Deck, utilised as the throwing tower. The throwing-diameter will leave a blooming trace in the coming years. Additionally, we will plant native wildflowers which are not found in the area that will enhance its biodiversity.

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09. September 2023
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14:00 bis 20:00


Sonnenallee , 1220


U2 Aspern Nord
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