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Luftsichtsturm - Familiarising the ecosystem
Luftsichtsturm - Familiarising the ecosystem

Familiarising the ecosystem
– third week of the Luftsichtsturm free environmental program

Discover diverse inhabitants and learn how to care for them through hands-on activism. Explore wild flowers and their insect companions, engage in collaborative planting, seed-sharing, and plant-based cloth dyeing.


Sunday 10.09

14:00 – 16:30 – How do the toads feel?

guided walk | family-friendly | collective intervention | organised by Sonia Perez Aries
With Johannes, gardener, ecologist, artist, we revive urban enchantment and embrace neglected moths, lichens, wild flowers, and tree seedlings amidst the city’s flashy chaos. We look at the non-human life of the area, learning about the ecological potential of various plants, collecting seeds of native wildflowers and gathering leaves and flowers for a herbarium.

17:00 – 19:00 – Dyeing with wild plants

workshop | beginner-friendly | dye your clothes | organised by Nicole Miltner
With Nicole Miltner, an artist, researcher we will look at wild plants that can be used to dye textiles, gather them and dye cloth at the structure. Bring your T-Shirt and dye it with wild plants.

19:00 – 20:00+ Closing evening

conclusion | farewell | reflection and relaxation | organised by Dusts Institute
As the sun sets on the enchanting Lufsichtsturm installation, we invite you to join us for the closing evening that embodies reflection, relaxation, and a fond farewell to our beloved structure. Gather under the open sky and immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere, embracing the culmination of our exploration into air quality, dusts, and environmental phenomena.

Eintritt frei!



10. September 2023
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14:00 bis 20:00


Sonnenallee , 1220


U2 Aspern Nord
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