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Luftsichtsturm - Seeing the Unseen
Luftsichtsturm - Seeing the Unseen
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Seeing the Unseen
– second week of the Luftsichtsturm environmental program.

Thanks to unconventional approaches we will collectively embrace airly unruliness, sensory perceptions, and lived experiences to gain heightened awareness and a deeper understaning of air complexities.


Friday 1.09

14:00 – 20:00 – Dusts Free Chamber

public intervention | multisensory experience | organised by Dusts Institute
We invite you to come to the Airsight Deck to breathe the air without any airborne dusts and viruses in Dusts-free-Chamber. This interactive instrument uplifts our awareness of the often overseen matter in the air. Step inside into this dusts-free realm of perception and get a fresh overview of the aerial quality of our living environments with your unique sensorial experience of breathing the air filtered from the airborne dusts.

16:00 – 17:30 – Dusts Hunting

workshop | citizen science | nature-culture learning | organised by Dusts Institute
In this outdoor educational workshop, we will shed light on the enigmatic world of airborne dusts. Become a Dusts Hunter, and join us at dusts collecting workshops to collect invisible dusts particles from the environment and uncover their secrets and implications for our society, culture, and environment.

18:00 – 19:00 – Outdoor Yoga

collective exercise | beginner-friendly
Join us at the Airsight Deck for the collective activity of outdoor yoga, during which we will try to develop meaningful connections with our bodily sensations, while practicing stillness and mindful breathing in the natural landscape of Seestadt.

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01. September 2023
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14:00 bis 20:00


Sonnenallee , 1220


U2 Aspern Nord
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