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Luftsichtsturm - World-making workshop
Luftsichtsturm - World-making workshop
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In this collective world-making exercise by Mary Magic, we see that even in our sea of toxic molecules, it is still a sublime sea of co-creative energy.

Using biohacking as a xenofeminist practice of care, this workshop facilitates an existential knowing in our bodies and environments to help us think and act through ecological ruins.

Combining biohacking with (micro-)performance in a dramaturgical workshop, participants embody the very agency of toxic materials and their ongoing process of worlding, emerging on the other side with a radical breakage from the past.

The workshop takes place over two days:

  • 26 August, 12:00-18:00
  • 27 August, 12:00-18:00


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26. August 2023
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14:00 bis 18:00


Sonnenallee , 1220


U2 Aspern Nord
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